Thursday, January 04, 2007

Random photos i took since i got my camera phone

1st post on the photo-blog. I'm no camera-狂 so please do not expect superb photos here. My cameraphone isn't that great anyway. Anyway, here goes.

This is a night scene of TCHS/HCI's multi-level carpark which i took while waiting for my brother. Used to walk past it everyday as a secondary sch kid..

And yet another carpark picture. I included the new building that was built in place of where the old hostel used to stand. The hostel housed the yummiest chicken drumstick/chicken wings and i used to volunteer to buy them for my classmates (esp. in sec2) just cuz i have a craving for them. Anyway, new building's purpose hasn't been settled yet. Heard they might put a high-tech gym inside complete with sports sci-related equipment. Cool huh

ME. Ok this was my 2-day job stint at Suntec, which started the day after my last paper. Superb ey. Anyway, 13-yrs-of-friendship friend (got 2, i'm referring to the 冷笑话王) commented that only GIRLS take photos of themselves in the mirror in the toilet. Another 1, fellow worker, say i nv jio him, then we take photos together. Personally.. I think the former is a MCP in the making. Ladies, pinch him if u see him next time yeah. Then again, u oso duno who. Haha

Bottle-arrangement. Not supposed to do this actually but.. spur of the moment. This wasn't done by me though, but rather, Colin's friend. Forgot his name. Hehz. Cool right.

And this was mine. Not-so-cool. I was going for abstract arrangement, placing curves here and there, but it didn't turn out as good as the former. Earnestness 1: Act Cheem 0

Ok end of post. Getting distracted liao, and image uploading's a pain. Till next time!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

There. 1st post of 2007

Well there. New year, new blog. I was intending to make this a photoblog since i finally have a camera-phone. But well, i'm a lazy person and uploading's a hassle. So.. we shall see la yeah?

Then again, its quite an interesting idea tt i've been thinking about. Snapping the littlest things in life that some of us sometimes fail to notice, myself included. I was thinking, by setting up this blog, perhaps i'll make more effort to notice the things around me and then post pictures of them here. It can be the most mundane photos around, but while some photos may bore certain ppl, it may excite others. I duno man, just speculating.

So.. Good luck to me. (=